Little Treasures Long Lasting Memories

Full Page Flush Albums

A full page flush album. We make it simple and beautiful. A flush album is leather bind and thicker pages which makes it durable. Each page has a layer of UV matte finishing ensuring the print is protected and more lasting. The album consists of fully edited photos. Numbers of photos included depends on the layout and design of each album.

Our flush album has a minimum of 20 pages. It is 8×8 inch in size. Price starting from RM380.00 Upgrading to more pages is available upon request with additional cost.


Our signature photobook for studio packages is fully custom design. It is 8×8 inches in size with 40 pages of good quality prints. If you wanted more more more photos, photobook is the way to go. As 40 pages may fit over 45 photos…. Say you have a happy toddler and a baby, you wanted to do a family portrait? A 2 hour happy studio package that comes with this photobook will be suitable for you.

For parties and events, a landscape size photobook 8×11.5 inch tells a beautiful story. 40 pages of photos with the cover fully designed to suit your theme.

Gallery Grade Collage Print

Headaches in measuring your wall prints sizes and creating collages…… Well, now we have pre-designed collage templates for you to choose. You don’t have to worry about the shape, the measurements etc. All you need to do is to select the style that suits your taste, select the photos of your baby leave the rest to us. We will print and frame it for you. Easy peezie lemon squeezie!

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