Baby Jarrod turns 5 months old

Happy Valentine’s Day To All Moomies & Daddies

Happy Valentine's Day To All Moomies & Daddies

It is a great milestone in life where you celebrate this special day with a new additional love in your life – your little baby.

Story Telling Through Photos

Story Telling Through Photos

You enjoy the party; We will record the moments for you! May it be a newborn’s fullmoon party, baby shower, birthday party you name it. The K Studio will record all the fun loving moments for you and tell the story beautifully through photos….. Priceless little treasure for you and your family to remember by.

The K Studio is an associate member of NAPCP

National Association of Professional Child Photographers
National Association of Professional Child Photographers

The K Studio has joined an American based child photography association called National Association of Professional Child Photographers.

By being in the community of children photographers of the world, the resources, tips, forums and workshop will ¬†assist me to improve my craft. Uphold a¬†professional¬† photographers’ ethics and standard. This also helps The K Studio serve our lovely clients better.